What do you get when you mix the world’s finest ingredients, two decades of innovation, and a respect for the tradition of crafting salsa in small batches? You get us – Garden Fresh Gourmet®.


Jack and Annette Aronson began this journey nearly 20 years ago, when they started making salsa in a five-gallon bucket in the kitchen of their hometown barbeque joint in Ferndale, Michigan. The idea was simple: make products so good, people won’t be able to stop eating them. Many years after making that first, delicious bucket of salsa, Jack and Annette met with like-minded food pioneers at the Campbell Soup Company and, in 2015, Garden Fresh Gourmet proudly joined the Campbell Soup Company family of brands. Jack and Annette are still close friends to us all. Today, we not only make America’s #1 refrigerated salsa brand, but also tortilla chips crafted with stone-ground, non-GMO white corn, and an extraordinary line of hummus, dips, and soups!


We’ve grown up a bit since our barbeque joint days, but our goal of making the most irresistible food has not changed. We make the same delicious salsa that became the talk of the town 20 years ago, and we’re continually working to improve our craft. The latest technology, like our high-pressure pasteurization process, preserves the quality of our ingredients and maintains the freshness of our products, helping us deliver our signature great taste. We haven’t forgotten though, that the best products start with the best ingredients, so we are still always looking for that perfectly ripe tomato or that delightfully zesty jalapeno. We are proud of our heritage, our journey, and our award-winning products, but our favorite accomplishment is being invited to your table.


Gather the world’s best ingredients, craft them into delicious, high quality, proprietary products and offer them at a reasonable price.


Be the premier provider of premium deli products and establish Garden Fresh Gourmet® as a national brand through our dedication to quality, innovation and faithful adherence to our core values.