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    At Garden Fresh Gourmet®, quality is in our DNA, and our dedication to food safety is epitomized by our implementation of HACCP-based food safety programs, which are the best in the industry. Quality systems are also an essential part of our management process and are closely integrated with Safe Quality Food (SQF) guidelines. Independent, third-party auditors assess our Food Safety systems on a regular basis, and provide valuable input that informs our ongoing quality and safety improvement processes. And don’t forget our embrace of cutting-edge food safety technology like High-Pressure Pasteurization—a state-of-the-art cold-pressure method of eliminating foodborne pathogens. Unlike traditional heat pasteurization, HPP doesn’t cook away precious nutrients.


    None of that means much, however, without talented people working hard every day to ensure that nothing leaves our plant that’s not the safest, highest-quality we can make it. People like Brian Allen, whose 17 years experience in the food and beverage industry make him an invaluable member of the Garden Fresh Gourmet® team. Brian and his Quality Assurance specialists work long hours making sure your Garden Fresh Gourmet® experience is not only extraordinarily good, but also extraordinarily healthy.