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The TomKat Studio

4/18/2017 - A Festive Cinco de Mayo Celebration!

Living in Arizona, Cinco de Mayo is always a big celebration! What’s not to love? Delicious Mexican food, margaritas, music and enjoying time with friends. Sounds like the perfect gathering to me! We are so excited to be partnering with Garden Fresh Gourmet to create the perfect menu to inspire you to host a Cinco de Mayo celebration

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The Washington Post

2/13/2017 - The soup business has grown cold. Inside Campbell's plan to turn up the heat.

In the research and development kitchen at Campbell Soup, chef Todd Lyons spent much of the past 18 months fine-tuning a batch of new recipes. Would shoppers go for chicken noodle soup with kale added as a healthful twist? (Answer: resounding yes.)

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The Kitchn

1/26/2017 - 5 of the Coziest Dinner Parties We've Ever Seen

There's nothing (nothing!) more comforting than soup. Kim Stoegbauer of The TomKat Studio must know that too, because she threw a soup party in collaboration with Garden Fresh Gourmet, which sells premade soups.

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Huffington Post

12/18/2016 - Ten Ways to Personalize Prepared Soups from the Supermarket

The produce and deli section of the grocery store is increasingly becoming the go-to spot for grab-and-go. Established and emerging brands are stepping up to fill this demand, like Fresh Express with their new organic-only salad kits and Garden Fresh Gourmet with its new line of small batch refrigerated soups

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12/1/2016 - How to Host a Holiday Cookie Decorating Party

Before the cookie artistry begins, serve a light supper of soup that you dress up with a simple twist. Look for these homemade-tasting varieties on grocery store shelves or in the refrigerator case.

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The TomKat Studio

11/15/2016 - 9 Tips for a Warm & Cozy Soup Party

Today, we are sharing tips on how to host a fun and fabulous soup party complete with an array of soup flavors, toppings, appetizers + dessert (of course). Soup warms you up from the inside with every delicious bite, so we’ve partnered with Garden Fresh Gourmet to bring you this fresh party theme idea

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11/1/2016 - Delicious Soups for Fall with Garden Fresh Gourmet

Fresh Living enjoyed some great tips for delicious soups from Garden Fresh Gourmet. Cookbook author, blogger and mother of 2, Katie Workman, shared some of her favorite sides for soups.

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Detroit Fox News

11/1/2016 - Garden Fresh Gourmet's New Soup Line

Garden Fresh Gourmet recently rolled out a new line of refrigerated soups. Chef Todd Lyons joined us in the FOX 2 Cooking School to tell us more about the soups, and to show us how we can take the food up a notch with some gourmet toppings. You can get his recipe for parmesan crisps below.

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The Mom 100

10/30/2016 - Cheddar Cornbread: Cornbread is Almost Always the Perfect Wingman for Soup

I created this cheesy cornbread recipe to be the wingman for the delicious varieties of Garden Fresh Gourmet’s new refrigerated soups, which arrived on my doorstep recently. You may well know their name because you’ve bought their refrigerated salsas in the market. And if you have, then the fact that their soups are just completely fantastic will come as no surprise.

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Grocery Headquarters

10/18/2016 - Garden Fresh Gourmet Debuts Fresh Refrigerated Soups

Garden Fresh Gourmet has debuted a line of fresh refrigerated soups in four everyday flavors with a modern twist. Available in the refrigerated deli section of the grocery store, the soups push Garden Fresh Gourmet into a new category and offers consumers a new option that aligns with their demand for more ingredient-rich fresh packaged foods, say company officials.

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Food Navigator

10/11/2016 - Garden Fresh Gourmet Expands Portfolio into the Rapidly-growing Refrigerated Soup Segment

Garden Fresh Gourmet is seizing the promising sales opportunity presented by the still-small but rapidly-growing refrigerated soup category by expanding with four, yet familiar flavors. Representing a $265 million category, the refrigerated soup segment is only a smal slice of the much larger $5.9 billion soup category, but it is growing fast...

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Cooking Light

6/13/2016 - Taste Test: What We're Snacking on This Week

The best part about working at Cooking Light? Tasting new healthy snacks before they hit the grocery shelves. With our help, you’ll choose the best store-bought products in both taste and nutrition. Snack smarter with these new winning picks... Available in an outrageous variety of flavors, Garden Fresh Gourmet's salsas range from spicy to sweet to tangy. Low in calories but large in flavor, these fresh salsas (available in the refrigerated produce section) are each made with wholesome ingredients in microbatches in Ferndale, Michigan (Walmart, $4).

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Live in the D-WDIV Detroit

5/13/2016 - National Hummus Day

In celebration of National Hummus Day, Chef Todd Lyons from Garden Fresh Gourmet dishes out some delicious and unexpected recipes using hummus, including Everything Deviled Eggs and a Cucumber Flatbread with Shaved Red Onion and Whipped Feta Cheese

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