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    Our Story

    Once upon a time, there was a little restaurant in Ferndale, Michigan that started making refrigerated salsa so outrageously good people couldn’t stop eating it. One day, the head of an upscale grocery chain tried some and demanded that they package it for his stores. Thus Garden Fresh Gourmet® was born. Today, founder Jack and Annette Aronson’s humble enterprise not only makes America’s #1 refrigerated salsa brand, they also make tortilla chips with stone-ground, non-GMO white corn, plus an extraordinary line of hummus, as well as gourmet dips guaranteed to knock your socks off! Garden Fresh Gourmet® salsa is made every day in small batches. This micro-batch approach ensures extraordinary flavor.


    But the story doesn’t end there. Garden Fresh Gourmet® salsa may just be the safest refrigerated salsa you can buy. That’s because of state-of-the-art high-pressure process that enables Garden Fresh Gourmet® to provide cleaner products that are delicious-exactly what health-conscious consumers are looking for today. Cool, huh?


    Our mission is a simple one: to gather the world’s finest ingredients, craft them into award-winning products, and sell them at a reasonable price. Browse through this site to watch cool videos, read real comments, and generally find out more about your favorite salsa company than you’ll ever need to know.


    You might see us driving down the road sometime, heading to a store near you with another truckload of yummy gourmet goodness. Honk if you do. Otherwise, look for us in the deli department of your favorite grocery store. You can also call (866) SALSAFY to find out where to buy Garden Fresh Gourmet® products in your area.


    Our Mission

    Gather the world’s best ingredients, craft them into delicious, high-quality, proprietary products and offer them at a reasonable price.


    Our Vision

    Be the premier provider of premium deli products and establish Garden Fresh Gourmet® as a national brand through our dedication to quality, innovation and faithful adherence to our core values.